Cookies Policy
last update 21 October 2019

Cookies policy

BluBlu Studios uses the following cookies:
permanent - they remain in the web browser of the device until they are deleted by the user or until a predetermined time;
session (temporary) - they remain in the browser of the device until it is switched off or exit the website on which they were placed.

Why do we use cookies?

BluBlu Studios uses cookies for the purpose:
ensure the efficient functioning of the BluBlu Studios website;
statistical and analytical data.

What types of cookies and other technologies do we use?

The table below explains which cookies are used by BluBlu Studios and why. This information is regularly updated. Please contact us in case of any irregularities.

Cookie name Source Storage time Intended use
Session Cookies BluBlu Studios Site session Essential for the correct display of the site, including the appropriate language version.
Analytics Cookies up to 26 months Analytics of website activity and collection of statistics on website visitors

How to control cookies?

Cookies and information stored in them or accessing it does not cause configuration changes in the device and the software installed on that device.

The information obtained by us through cookies is not assigned to a specific person and does not allow to identify him/her.

The user may change the use of cookies by the browser, including blocking or deleting those that come from the BluBlu Studios website. To do so, you need to change your browser settings. If you do not change these settings, you will be deemed to have accepted the use of cookies.

Most browsers offer the ability to accept or reject all cookies, to accept only certain types of cookies or to inform the user each time a website tries to save them. You can also easily delete cookies that have already been saved on your device by your browser. Management and the deletion of cookies varies depending on the browser used.

Detailed information about cookie management for some browsers:

Internet Explorer:

More information on cookie management can be found on or on the website of the European platform

Cookies placed in the terminal device may also be used by Google Analytics provider. To learn more about Google Analytics' privacy policy, please visit the Privacy Policy page.

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This website uses cookies to ensure its proper functioning and for statistic reasons. You can determine the conditions of cookie files storage in your web browser. For more information on how your information is protected, see our Privacy Policy.