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There’s a gap between advertising and meaningful advertising. Focused on delightful experience and successful storytelling those guys are game changers.

Monika Kurek

Executive Creative Director

Co-founder of BluBlu. The One Show jury member. Monika is a multidisciplinary creative director passionate about creating metaphorical stories and visuals, always with outstanding styles in mind. Lead and co-lead creative of more than 200 artistic and commercial videos.

For the team she is known as one-woman army, but she believes that a co-operative approach is a core value which helps to achieve the best results on every step of production process.

Monika studied marketing at Warsaw School of Economics but she found her true north in creating animated stories for brands and clients worldwide. The result? A portfolio of great videos featured in the world’s top explainer rankings and making a splash at important events such as Polish Graphic Design Awards, W3 Awards Gold, Muse Creative Awards, Vega Awards and German Design Awards.

Jed Skrzypczyk

Executive Creative Director

As an Executive Creative Director at BluBlu, Jed brings his expertise to life in his work, creating visually stunning and emotionally impactful animated content. With a strong emphasis on emotions and a penchant for unconventional styles and technical blends, Jed's creative vision is both unique and profound.

Jed's recent work includes directing animation sequences for the film "Porcelain War", which won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Festival. His portfolio boasts collaborations with prestigious clients such as The Academy, Samsung, Durex, O2, THQ, and The Washington Post, showcasing his ability to deliver exceptional animated content across a variety of platforms and industries.

Holding a diploma in Film Studies from Jagiellonian University in Cracow and being a graduate of the Warsaw Film School, Jed has cultivated a deep understanding of film language, storytelling, and live-action production. His career also spans over a decade as an editor and film reviewer across various media, where he shared his keen insights and observations on the changing landscape of contemporary TV and audience culture.

In his personal life, Jed is a die-hard gamer, film festival frequenter, and mountain hiker. He also enjoys indulging in the overpriced craft beers that Poland is famous for.

Jagoda Klaczynska

Art Director

Jagoda graduated from Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Animation. She decided to devote her career to drawing. Her dedication and talent have hugely contributed to the artistic development of the studio and receiving a number of awards including German Design Award 2019, The 2018 GlobalTrend Awards, Muse Creative Awards and 2017 Vega Digital Awards.

She thinks that observation is as important for an artist as telling a story through their work. Colors, light, contrast, geometry – these elements play a crucial role for her when she observes the world around. And she loves watching it a lot on her trips when she’s able to recharge batteries and try new things. That lets her keep “a beginner’s mind” which is so important, especially for artists.

Karolina Specht

Animation Director

Motion designer and director of animated shorts. Graduated from National Film School in Łódź in feature animation and special effects. Author of animated shorts which were awarded on national and multinational film festivals: An incredibly elastic man (2013), Don't lose your head (2015), Beside oneself (2016) Squaring the Circle (2018). 

A common theme in her work is a passion for geometry and an abstractive approach to space.

She’s an incurable fan of good coffee, sleeping long and bike riding.

Jacob Kurek

Executive Creative Director

Co-founder of BluBlu. As the executive creative director Jacob has been responsible for the realization of more than 300 animated projects of a different type for various international brands, NGOs, agencies, and publishers. His primary goal is to create outstanding animated stories communicating a client’s message in the most effective and compelling way. Jacob merges marketing and production knowledge with a unique experience in the art and media field. He’s also a director for some projects of the studio.

Graduated from Warsaw School of Economics with thorough knowledge about explainer videos and video marketing.

Privately a happy dad and husband who loves mountain biking, sports, nature, and Disney comics (mainly created by Carl Barks & Don Rosa!). His drive is to build a company he would personally love to work at.

Milosz Kokocinski

Animation Director

BluBlu Studios’ co-founder. An award-winning Animation Director, Lead Digital Compositor, Director of Photography and one of the top animators in the business.

His unlimited creativity and intuitive feeling of movement combined with an extensive hands-on experience in cinematography and film production creates his unique approach while conceptualizing and designing broadly defined animation.

Known by many as One Man Army - his expertise lies in motion design, compositing, sound design and character animation to begin with. He unrestrainedly uses a variety of animation techniques, creating his individual and unique style in the process.

Graduate of Polish Academy of Film and Television. Winner of well-known festival ‘Piękni Dwudziestoletni’ (feature film - ‘Dzień Matki), Best Motion Picture winner of the festival RepeFeNe (feature film- ‘Bajka’), honored at prestigious Film Festival in Gdynia (feature film - ’44’). His animations awards include, but are not limited to:
Telly Awards, W3 Awards Gold, Muse Creative Awards, Polish Graphic Design Awards, Vega Awards and German Design Awards.

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