What people say about us

“We couldn't ask for more. The dedication. The style. The passion that BluBlu showed in their work. They challenged us back throughout the process, and the result was amazing. We love BluBlu Studios!”

https://blublustudios.com/Edmond Yang

Edmond Yang
Creative Director
Fred, Ed & Heimly

“I'm very impressed with their quality of work. It is just visually stunning. We hired BluBlu to create animated illustrations for one of our media partners. We wanted to create visually compelling branded content. I am very satisfied working with them.“

https://blublustudios.com/Michael Jaafar

Michael Jaafar
Lead Designer
T Brand Studio/The New York Times

“Everyone on the team is truly fantastic to work with. The feedback process is extremely smooth.”

https://blublustudios.com/Anthony Peres

Anthony Peres

“Since we started working with BluBlu, we have consistently been thrilled with their output. They are an extremely dependable partner, accounting for both timeline and deliverable value. We’ve partnered with their team for projects across many verticals and have been able to rely on them to consistently produce quality work.”

https://blublustudios.com/Emma Sayed

Emma Sayed

“The quality of animation and sound design of the video was world-class.”

https://blublustudios.com/Michael Catt

Michael Catt
Invisible North

“BluBlu is a long-term partner of ours. They are an absolute pleasure to work with. I trust them wholeheartedly to do right by us and to exceed our expectations each and every time.”

https://blublustudios.com/Allen Kamrava

Allen Kamrava
Founder & CEO

“For whoever it may concern I will just give cred to Jacob and BluBlu who has always tried their best to listen to our ideas. Sometimes with a narrow time period and
sometimes with difficult ideas from us Jacob and his team has always delivered over expectations.”

https://blublustudios.com/Joakim Ewetz

Joakim Ewetz

“Working with BluBlu is an extremely positive and productive experience. World class animated videos, this is what we always get from them. Great partner for long-term co-operation!”

https://blublustudios.com/Łukasz Skalik

Łukasz Skalik
CEO at Video Brothers /
former Media Services Director

“We really enjoyed working with BluBlu! The communication is excellent and their creativity greatly shows their passion for their work. Thank you for the great work and looking forward to working with you in the future!”

https://blublustudios.com/Daniel Brazell

Daniel Brazell
MBA,Chief Executive Officer
La Peer Health Systems

“First time when we saw videos created by BluBlu Studios we were amazed by the quality and style. Shortly we started to work with them and they presented top-notch skills and a great attitude to collaboration. Highly recommended!”

https://blublustudios.com/Justas Pikelis

Justas Pikelis
Ceo, Co-founder

I recommend BluBlu without any hesitation! We assigned them to work on a series of animated videos with educational stories and songs for children aged 3-5 y.o. but also on the main character artwork creation used on the series books. They are always available and happy to discuss and look for solutions on any issue that may occur. I am looking forward to our next project together!

https://blublustudios.com/Alexandra Bacoyannis

Alexandra Bacoyannis
Managing Designer

The video we received not only did an outstanding job of bringing our story to life – but it was done in a very unique, and cutting-edge way. BluBlu gave us a video that is unlike anything we've seen and used an incredible amount of creativity to tell our story in the most simple way possible, and so far it has been met with rave reviews. BluBlu Studios is one of those companies that 'get it'.

https://blublustudios.com/Niki Rogers

Niki Rogers

Welcome to BluBlu Studios

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