Video Series

Attract the audience
and keep them invested.

Paying close attention to detailed design, well-profiled characters and smooth narrations are key to the most engaging productions. They are engaging because they give fun, evoke emotions, provide entertainment and educational value (if that’s the goal).

But animation series are as fun to watch as they are challenging to produce. They require quite a methodical approach and consistency both in style and quality. Each stage needs to be well-thought-out and each element of the graphics has to be detailedly crafted in line with the given style, script and expectations.

And just like every engine needs fuel, a cartoon animation needs a good plot, narration and direction to keep people invested in the journey. We don’t know much about engines but we do know how to tell compelling stories and how to show them. Having that said, we’ll be glad to help you with both the visual aspects of the animation and defining its content.

Welcome to BluBlu Studios

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