Who are the Champions of Love? This intriguing question was our guide while developing an animated project for the foundation bearing this inspiring name. The organization’s mission is to support extraordinary leaders who who are deeply connected with their communities, attuned to social justice issues, and committed to aiding those in suffering.

Directed by:
BluBlu Studios

Champions of Love Foundation


BluBlu Studios

Creative Director:
Jed Skrzypczyk

Executive Producer:
Jarek Nowak

Art Director:
Maciej Kachel

Maciek Kachel, Ewa Baran, Jagoda Klaczyńska, Adrianna Głowacka, Bartek Zaborski

Animation Lead:
Karolina Specht

Michał Machowina, Miłosz Kokociński

Karolina Specht, Anna Chrzanowska-Pilarska, Jagoda Kaleta, Tomek Wyrąbkiewicz, Lucas Bicalho Ramos de Lima, Aleksandra Podczaska Lisica

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