How to talk about sex? It's still a tough nut to crack. The immense challenge in this project was depicting sensitive and intimate tips on first-time sex, anal sex, and all that jazz. It was about being explicit but not inconveniently direct and using creative visual metaphors but avoiding WTF reactions. Did we make it? See for yourself.

Directed by BluBlu

Energy Studios

Animation Company:
BluBlu Studios

Production Company:

Creative Director:
Monika Kurek

Executive Producer:
Magda Mróz

Maciej Kachel, Sybilla Kuczniak

Story Artist:
Monika Kurek

Maciej Kachel, Sybilla Kuczniak, Julia Romańska

Karolina Specht, Patryk Kargula, Tomasz Wyrąbkiewicz, Karol Szczepankiewicz, Jakub Baniak, Piotr Krzyżykowski, Jagoda Kaleta

Sound Design:
Jarek Lublin

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