Natural Atlas is an app that helps you to be truly present and connect with nature while becoming a part of a community of naturalists making an actual change by adding notes, attributes and info about their discoveries.

BluBlu collaborated with Natural Atlas from the script development, as well as a narrative and stylistic concept and followed through on designing the original artwork, animation (digital, cel and 3D) up to the sound design and music composition, which finalised in a unique story-telling video.

Directed & Produced by BluBlu

Natural Atlas

Jacob Kurek

Executive Producer:
Karolina Molska

Art Director:
Jagoda Klaczyńska

Head of Animation:
Miłosz Kokociński

Jagoda Klaczyńska, Maciej Kachel, Weronika Harla, Bartek Zaborski

Miłosz Kokociński, Mateusz Bautembach, Karol Marcinkowski, Jagoda Kaleta, Karolina Specht, Bartosz Zarzycki

Sound & Music:
Jarek Lublin

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