BluBlu releases a new manifesto reel – “We Do It. Better.” And for many reasons, it makes a lot of sense.

Our new manifesto reel provokes reflection on the artist's path in the pursuit of self-expression and teaches that there is also a more profound meaning hidden in chaos and diversity.

We've just released a new manifesto reel. As we have done in the past, we decided to use this opportunity to include a meaningful message. Previous ones touched on the search for one's identity and the excitement of the sports that the world felt lacking during the COVID lockdowns. This time we focus on the complexities of the creative process and the struggle of artists to find "that right voice" for a project whether we're talking about design, illustration, animation, music, or any other medium for expressing artistic aspirations. 


Monica Kurek (Executive Creative Director) adds: The message is always vital to us. However, creative exploration and playing with animation styles and techniques are no less important. Working on an intro is always a good opportunity for doing just that. In this playfulness, we show our new, stylistically rich face.”


We have given the intro the subversive name "NONSENSES?". It is a combination of two words, "senses" and "nonsense." The first part comes from the idea of thoughts, music, and creative content being created from different sensations and senses: sight, hearing, taste... As for the second element of the name, by using numerous crazy styles and motifs, BluBlu deliberately wanted to get the feeling that this video just doesn't make sense. But there’s a good news  – chaos and creative mess usually do have a lot of it!


Jagoda Klaczynska (Art Director/Studio Lead) explains: Clean canvas or slate is perhaps the biggest nemesis of anyone doing creative work. When coming up with motifs and styles for the intro, I was inspired by the books of Julia Cameron and Austin Kleon, which teach that the creative process is a journey with a destination we don't know exactly. However, to get anywhere at all, one must take the first step, make the first pencil strokes, put down the first letters, and play the first notes. Many of these things may seem completely pointless, but you must try.


The second leitmotif of the manifesto reel is the slogan, "We Do It. Better." A primary intent is a manifestation that BluBlu has always been, is, and will be on the side of high-quality productions. Secondly, the studio constantly strives to be even better in its craft


Jacob Kurek (CEO/Executive Creative Director) emphasizes: There will probably never come a day when we say 'that's enough' we don't need to do anything more. The world is changing; the media are changing, the means of communication are changing, the tools are changing... In this industry and this environment, you can't stand still. We do better today than we did yesterday, and tomorrow we will do better than we do today.


The second part of the showreel is a dynamic montage showing a selection of BluBlu’s recent projects. Among them, we can see excerpts from a new educational animation series for Durex and a mixed media TCV for O2. Thus, BluBlu expands its client portfolio, which already includes companies such as The Academy, Twitter, Samsung, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Riot Games, Uber, Deloitte, Lenovo, Kiehl's, L'Occitane, Universal Music, and many more. 

Welcome to BluBlu Studios

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