Pedal to the metal. Our rebranding powered by Manifesto Reel

When you’re not moving forward, you’re drifting backward – in 2019 that thought was bugging our minds untill we finally decided to hit a pit stop and undergo a complete rebranding.

We liked our previous visual identity, we felt attached to it. But we also knew that change is good and can bring some positive energy to the team. And we were not wrong. The act of rediscovering ourselves was fun and inspirational for all of us. We’ve opened many creative doors, curious where they lead. Quite often it was a dead end but countless discussions along the way made us learn a lot about ourselves and our vision. Eventually we’ve found our voice.

Having the new website and logo ready, the only thing left was to use that voice. To create a message that would speak for all of us, show our ambitions and capabilities. Manifesto Reel you see below is a result of our ideas, endless brainstorms and efforts to bring something that is truly ours. Everybody in our studio (+ our fantastic collaborators) took a significant part in the process and we’re happy to say that it was a collaborative work. Upon release, we’ve met an amazing reception in the creative community - it was featured by Behance, Motionographer, Directory Illustration, Stash, Muzli and many others.

Can’t wait to see what else 2020 has in store for us. It’s Le Mans and we’ve just left the pit stop. With new tires and fresh minds we’re ready to put the hammer down. Hop on and check our Manifesto Reel. It’s one minute and sixteen seconds well spent.

Welcome to BluBlu Studios

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